Emails & Texts - Including yourself in all emails & checking your email history

You can BCC yourself into every email that Collins sends out. To do this, head to: 

> Settings
> Venues
> Emails & Texts

Put the email you want to receive every email to in the "BCC all emails to (email)" box


If you'd like to check the message history of a particular booking or enquiry, go to the Enquiries tab to find the booking/enquiry.

> Use the Search Bar tool or your Filter tool to search for the enquiry/booking (How to use your Filter Tool)
> Click into the booking/enquiry
> Go to the Messages tab
> There will be a message history of all emails you sent to the customer. If you have Collins Mail, inbound messages will also be organised in this message thread. 


Note: no messages can be edited or deleted in this section

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