Emails & Texts - Setting your automatic follow-up (leave a review) email

Setting Collins to send automatic follow-up emails to your completed bookings, 2 days after the booking.

> Settings
> Venues
> Select Venue
> Emails & Texts 

Scroll down and tick “Send booking follow-up emails”.

The follow-up email goes out as standard, asking the customer how their night was. If you want to add a further message to the follow-up email put that in the text box that appears.


You can also include URL links to direct the customer to your review page. How to do this:

> Highlight the text you wish to make into a link.
> A black pop up of options will appear, select the '#'
> Enter the URL
> Select the 'tick'
> Save


Please note: 

> The follow-up email is sent 2 days after the booking has taken place. If you would like this to go out 1 day after the booking, there is a tick box for 'Next Day Follow-ups' below 'Follow up emails'. Tick this and save.

> There is a 24 hour period after the booking has taken place for you to disable the Follow-up message being sent to a particular booking. You can disable this by going in to the Booking > Messages > tick 'Don't send follow up email' > Save.


> When a booking is marked as a No Show, the system will automatically disable the follow-up email.

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