Tables/Areas - Allow multiple groups to be confirmed into one Table/Area

If you have a large area and want to auto-confirm multiple groups/bookings into that area, you need to set this up in Settings, go to:

  • Venues > Select the Venue

  • Tables/Areas section on the left-hand side

  • Alongside the relevant table/area, tick the "Multiple groups" box

  • You can then add a multi-group buffer’. This acts as a gap between the bookings and separates the different groups by a space of 1, 2, 3 or so places. This works off the 'max (seated) capacity' so, in the example below, two groups of 3 people could be assigned to Table 1 but not two groups of 4

  • Make sure to SAVE the page  


To see a video tutorial on allowing multiple groups to be confirmed into one Table/Area, please click here and watch from 02:33 - 03:33. 

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