Tables/Areas - Adding/editing zones

If you have various zones in your venue i.e. Restaurant, Bar, VIP Area - you can create these as Zones in Collins and assign your Tables/Areas to the relevant Zone. Do this by going to:

  • Settings

  • Venues > Select Venue

  • Tables/Areas tab on the left-hand side

  • Scroll down to “Zones” section

  • Click “Add another

  • Add in your zone names one by one

  • Make sure to SAVE the settings page  


You will see a “zones” column now appear next to the “Area name” column so you can select which tables/areas belong to which zones. See guide on how to allocate Zones to your tables.

It's useful to give your tables/areas a zone as you'll then be able to assign larger enquiries and bookings to a whole zone quickly and easily within Collins.    

To see a video tutorial on adding/editing zones, please click here and watch from 00:50 - 02:00. 

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