Tables/Areas - Adding new tables


To add new tables/areas/booths to your venue, head to:

> Settings
> Venues
> Select Venue
> Tables/Areas tab

Click on 'Add Another' and then fill out the table names and min/max capacities. It is important to fill in all fields for capacities.

If you have a series of tables/area with the same parameters, i.e. with the same capacities, allocated to the same zones, etc. you can add these in bulk.

> Select 'Add Lots'

> Enter how many tables you'd like to add and specify the name of these tables. Collins will number the tables according to what you add initially as the starting number.

For example, if you add 3 tables/areas called Booth, numbered from 4, Collins will add Booth 4, Booth 5 and Booth 6.  

> Specify what zone the tables/areas are assigned to (see guide on how to set up zones) and the capacity of the tables (see this guide for an explanation on capacities). If you're happy for multiple groups to be assigned to the tables, you can tick 'allow multiple groups at the same time' and add a buffer (see explanation here). Finally add bookable from/until times (see explanation here).

> Select 'Add Areas'
> Remember to SAVE when finished

To move tables  around in the list, simply select the ‘drag’ symbol on the right hand side of the item and drag and drop to the desired location. Remember to click ‘save’ after moving the item’s location.

If you use the floor plan, you may then wish to amend this to reflect the updates - How to draw your Floor plan

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