Unavailable Dates - How to stop or add a cut-off for any same-day bookings being made

Within Collins you can either close off bookings for the day or set a cut-off time to make sure no further bookings come in after a certain time of the day. This allows you to keep bookings open/get last minute bookings without closing bookings for a day and/or without getting the shock of a same day booking showing too close to the current time.

Close off all bookings for the same day at a certain time (E.g I want to close bookings on a Monday for that same Monday at 5pm)

To do this, go to Settings

> Venues

> Select Venues

> Unavailable dates tab

Under the “Latest time for same day bookings” section, enter the time in the “Latest booking” drop down by the relevant day(s). You can also choose the latest booking to be in minutes before the booking starts as opposed to a fixed time. This is shown in the drop down list as -30 mins/-60 mins/-90 mins etc. If your latest booking is set to - 60 mins for example, this means you can only make a booking for an hour in advance.


You can also put in a message that will appear on the front-end calendar (E.g "Online bookings are shut for today but call us on 0208 956 3728")

If you want to Close off all bookings for the same day all day (E.g, I don’t want to take same-day bookings full-stop, for Mondays) then simply click the 'No Same-Day bookings' box. The latest booking box will then grey out though the message will still display in the front end.


Close off certain booking types for the same day at a certain time (E.g, I want to close bookings on a Monday withing a particular booking type for that same Monday at 4pm)



>Select Venues

>Booking Types

Scroll down to Availability section

Select the time you want to shut the same-day bookings in the "Shut same-day bookings" column


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