Unavailable Dates - How to shut the booking widget if you are full or closed

Close off the calendar on the front-end widget so your customers can't book, for a specific date (E.g If you are fully booked or have a private hire).

To do this, head to Settings:

> Venues

> Select Venue

> Unavailable Dates

> Scroll down to “Close Bookings” and select “Close All Booking Types” or you can shut bookings for a specific booking type i.e. if your restaurant is full but you can still take bar bookings, you can close off your Food Table/Restaurant bookings

> Select the dates from and until. If you are shutting one date, select the same date in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields

> In the Message field, you can enter a message here to display to the customer as a hover-over on the calendar (Eg. Closed for Private Hire)

Please note: If you would like to close bookings from 13:00 - 00:00 on for example 20th December you will need to mark the ‘To’ date as the 21st December as Collins registers 00:00 as the start of the day.


If you wish to close bookings for today, you can do this on the Collins Dashboard straight away after you have logged in and gone to Collins:

> click the red 'Close Bookings' icon to close online bookings from now until close

> Or, select the times you want bookings to be closed from and until by clicking on the times in bold (underlined with a dotted line) and using the drop-down to select the times you want

> click 'Close Bookings' and this will automatically close online bookings between these times

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