Diary/Floorplan/Run Sheet - Site Information

Site information is a useful tool to add information about a site, specific tables/areas or zones for future use and can be particularly useful if you have a central reservations team that they may never have visited in person. A good example of site information could be recording minimum spends about a particular zone, or making a note that a private dining room has a separate bar.

NOTE: Only users that have access to ALL SITES can add, edit and delete site information. Users with individual site access - will only be able to view site information.

You can add site information in the Diary, Floorplan and Runsheet sections or within a booking/enquiry. To add the information:

> In the Diary and Floorplan, click on the Information icon in the check-in list next to the site name:

> The site information section will open on the right-hand side of the page. To add a new note, click ADD in the top right corner > in the pop-up window you can add a note and, if needed, assign the note an AREA or ZONE:

> Once added the note will appear in the Site Information section:

  • Any notes not assigned to an area or zone will appear in the GENERAL NOTES section

  • If information is linked to an area or zone, you can see it if you click on the area/zone name in the list

  • You can also apply basic formatting to the information text:

  • If any site tags have been assigned to the site in the Settings, they will also appear in the Site Information section.


To delete or edit any information, use the EDIT and DELETE options next to the note:


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