COVID-19 Venue status

We have introduced a new status setting on Designmynight to help you with everything from reopening to declaring delivery options on site.

This status is set across all levels on Designmynight, from venue pages and channels to search results, meaning you’ll be better able to communicate your opening details to your customers.

To set this up, go to:

  • Under the venue name > click MANAGE VENUE

  • Choose the CATEGORIES tab

  • In the very top field under COVID-19 opening status, choose the relevant option:

  • You will be able to select 1 out of 5 statuses:

Collection Only

Currently Closed

Delivery & Collection

Delivery Available

Now Open


PLEASE NOTE - this change will need to be approved by our Editorial team once saved. As soon as it’s approved, you will be notified via email and status will appear on your page.

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