Collins Mail - How to

You can communicate with your customers through Collins by sending them emails with important information. With Collins Mail, once a customer replies to an email, the reply will come back into Collins. This removes the need for you to check another inbox for any replies.

To send an email:

  • Click into the customer’s enquiry/booking

  • Click on the Messages tab

  • Select “Compose Email”. This will take you to your emailing module.

Starting from the top of the screen;

> ‘Reply to’ - The venue name will be the one that automatically displays as the send from name, e.g. from Julia’s Bar, but if you want to change this to your user’s name you can select the "Send From Me" button when sending the email which will change from the name set up in your venue admin to the name on your user account.

> ‘CC’ - You can add an email address of anyone else you wish to include in the email, for example, another member of staff or a friend of the customer. If you would like to add multiple email addresses, you can separate them with a comma and space.

> Then select the ‘Type of Email’ -

  • Confirmation - Selecting this option pulls through a confirmation template to send to the customer. If you choose to include the booking summary, it will also pull through all the details of the booking, including; date, time, until time, packages and pre-orders, deposits paid.

  • Cancellation - This option pulls through a cancellation template and generates a cancellation email.

  • General - General is a blank template for to use as you wish. The subject of the email is ‘Your Booking Enquiry at VENUE NAME - DMN-XXXXXX’ This is mostly used for general communication, sending fully booked emails, requesting deposits/authentications, send initial private hire information etc.

> Include booking summary - This box is ticked by default and will pull through the general Booking Details, any Pre-orders, Dietary Requirements, Pre-order Comments, Minimum Spends and Payments taken at the end of the email, however, if you would like these booking details omitted from the message, untick this box

> Include customer requests - If a customer has made any special requests, they will be omitted from the confirmation email if unticked. See here for more info.

> ‘Attachments’ - Here you can choose from the attachments that have been pre-uploaded into your admin or upload an attachment straight from the laptop you are using.

> 'Pre-Defined Messages' - This time-saver tool allows you to pull through your Pre-defined Message templates set up in settings. If a template is chosen, it will auto-populate into the text box, where it can be edited and additional text can be added.

Before sending the email you can ‘Preview’ the message and then once happy with the email select ‘Send’.


Once an email has been sent, you can see a Message History of all emails:

When a guest replies to the email, the reply will come right back into the Messages tab and will be highlighted in BOLD:

You will also be notified about all incoming messages within your Enquiries page > in the Notifications centre > under New Messages:

If needed, once you click on the New Messages tab to view a list of enquiries/bookings with new messages, you can also sort the messages by Relevance. By default, they will always be sorted by NEW MESSAGES FIRST:

This is an extra bolt-on, if you are interested, please contact your account manager or

To see a video tutorial on Collins Mail, please click here.

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