Manage your Integrations- Reserve with Google

You have the ability to manage which of your Dining booking types pull through to Reserve with Google in your Collins Settings.

To get started:

  • Settings

  • Venues

  • Venue

  • Manage Integrations

You can then click into the ‘Reserve with Google’ option to start making your changes.

Only Dining types will be available for Reserve with Google. Any existing dining types you have should be automatically enabled, and there will be a list of unavailable booking types below - This is according to Google's booking policy.

New Booking Types

There are two ways of creating a Dining type booking type; through the booking type templates or starting from scratch as a ‘blank’ booking type.

We would strongly recommend you create a dining booking type using our templates, as doing so will mean they will automatically added to your integrations section to enable them on Google. If creating a booking type from blank and you want to enable it on Google, you will need to contact your Account Manager.

Once it is has been enabled, it will appear in the ‘Inactive Booking Types’ list. This will automatically appear after saving should you have used a template.

You then either have the option of leaving it as an ‘Inactive Booking Type’, or dragging the type across to the ‘Active Booking Types’ section. Once moved to the Active booking types section, it will take up to 24 hours for this booking type to display on Google as it will need to be approved by them.

Please note that any types in the ‘Inactive Booking Types’ section will not be bookable through Reserve with Google.

Once you have added your types to the ‘Active Booking Types’, the types can then be ordered into priority, should any of them overlap in availability. This allows the system to determine which booking type to use if there are two or more booking types that are valid for the same slot.

As an example:

Breakfast is available until 12am, and Weekend Brunch is available from 11am during the weekends. As Weekend Brunch is set to priority 1, if a customer books for 11am, it will automatically book the customer into Weekend Brunch.

What the customer sees:

When the customer makes a booking through Google, they will not be asked to select the booking type, but will simply select the amount of guests, date and time and will be booked into the booking type with the highest priority that is available for that time. This will appear in your Collins admin as a normal booking or enquiry.

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