Diary/Floorplan/Runsheet - How to add a walk-in

In the Diary/Floorplan/Runsheet, in your top toolbar there are 5 Walk-In buttons > select the number of walk in Guests (1-5)

You'll notice the Time, Number of Guests and Duration will all auto-fill in the 'add booking' form that is now present in the left hand panel. If there is only Booking Type valid for the current time, it will auto-fill that field too.

If you are adding walk-ins for 6 guests or more, click on the ‘Add Booking’ button and input the number of guests you would like to add. The ‘Until’ field will then auto-fill to the duration you have set within your set up.

An example of selecting the ‘Add Booking’ button when adding a walk-in booking for 6 guests or more on the diary.


A list of your available tables will then display.
> select the table you wish to place the Booking in
> this will be ticked at 'Walk-in' so you don't need to take any details
> If you wish to take a name, phone number for example, you can untick 'Walk-in' > contact fields will now appear
> when ready > COMPLETE

Please note, bookings will only be recognised as walk-ins in the Walk-In Bookings when the booking started within 15 minutes of the time it was added, regardless of whether they were added with one of these walk-in icons.

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