Collins Widget Wizard - Custom Return URL

You can create a custom return URL for users to be directed to when they complete their booking.

This is a good way to direct customers to a branded 'Thank you for Booking' page and opens up opportunities for you to add tracking. 

You would be responsible for displaying all the info to the users and having your own confirmation page not the DMN one we currently have. You will then have control to add your own Google Analytics* to track bookings.

To add a return URL to your widget: :

> Settings
> Venues
> select your venue name
> Booking Widget & Links
> Widget Wizard
> Scroll down to Do you want to redirect users to a certain URL after placing a booking?
> Tick Enable return URL

> Add your return URL:

The widget code in the shaded grey box will automatically update to set the return URL:

  > Copy the full widget code and send to your web developer. 

PLEASE NOTE: It will be up to your web developer to select which booking details are displayed on the custom return page. The booking details will be returned to you in our default format, if you want to reformat any details (eg the way that the date displays), this will be up to your web developer to format. Please ensure that your webserver and application can accept POST requests from the domain, including any subdomains.

*Google Analytics Notes: You will need to have cross-domain tracking in place. This also includes making sure that the tags that are fired from your hostname also have cross-domain tracking in place. Part of setting up cross-domain tracking is to ensure that client’s and your hostnames are added to the referral exclusion list.

Ideally, you also need to ensure that your Google Analytics is in a good shape overall - e.g. only use universal analytics pixels, there is no double-tagging, etc.

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