Top tips to making Father’s Day a Winner

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we understand just how hectic it can be when getting all those all important pre orders in.

1) Get those orders in early - With Collins Pre-Orders, you can save hours and hours of admin. You can say goodbye to excel spreadsheets, scanned orders and manually entering 100’s of pre-orders. Set up menus for all occasions e.g. Father’s day and send these easily to enquiries/bookings. The customer can manage the orders themselves or send out links to their friends and family, like in the screenshot below. They can then complete the pre-order and pay (if requested by you). All of this then comes back directly into Collins and is logged against the booking.

Not only that, with Collins Pre-Order, you can download and print weekly pre-order sheets. At the click of a button let the chef’s know what pre-orders they have coming in, allowing them to prepare more efficiently than ever before.

2) Make sure there are no unexpected empty tables - As industry experts, we know that the number of no-shows is on the rise. Wasting valuable space, effort and time just to be let down. One of the perks of Collins is being able to utilise Collins Pay. For no extra monthly cost*, you can protect yourself from this disaster and take deposits/card authentications to secure yourself against no-shows. Take deposits securely online or over the phone and have the payment marked directly against the booking.



You can leave notes for the customer as well to let them know what they are paying for:

What’s even better is that it takes less than two minutes to set up - all we need is your bank details! It couldn’t be easier!

Have a look over what it looks like in Collins here 

*you can find out all about the associated transaction fees here.

3) If you have a queue; keep them engaged. Do you find yourself being very busy and then turning away walk-in customers?

With Collins LiveWait, you can add customers to the waitlist and then they will get a live text updates on when their table will be ready. This means that customers can enjoy a drink at the bar or can take a walk and then come back when the table is ready. The feature means that you can give live updates to customers, ensuring you don’t miss out on any customers!

In your Collins, you can see all the live action:

If you were to get this set up sooner rather than later, it means you and your staff will be more than well equipped to deal with the customers that are so excited to be able to sit in your venue but you are currently too busy to accommodate them - now they know they can come back - and exactly when! Undoubtedly it will keep customers coming back as well as a steady stream of customers to make the most of the busiest times.

Please contact your Collins Account Manager or for more information on prices.

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