Collins Widget Wizard - Overview

When you join up to Collins you receive an initial document containing your widget code to pass on to your web developers.

If you need to find your widget code again you can easily access the code within your Settings:

  • Venues

  • select your venue name

  • Booking Widget & Links

  • Widget Wizard

By default, the shaded grey box will display the booking widget code for the venue.

PLEASE NOTE: Only Booking Types that have 'Can Book' ticked in Availability for at least one day of the week will automatically display on the widget. If the Booking Type doesn't have a day(s) ticked as 'Can Book' the booking type is taken for Internal use only and so will not appear on the widget.

To give you greater flexibility, you can use the Widget Wizard to control how you would like your widget to look and work (without requiring a web developer).

You can control the following features of the widget using the wizard:

As you make your changes on the widget wizard, the widget code in the grey box will automatically update for you to copy/paste for your web developer.

PLEASE NOTE: The changes will not save, so if you refresh the page, the widget wizard will return to the default settings.

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