Admin - Why is it saying that “No tables are available for 3 hours” when we have space?

If you receive this message on the widget when trying to book a table (or have a limited amount of alternative times offered) and you can see there is adequate space in the diary, there may be a number of reasons causing this message to occur. Please go through this checklist in your Settings to find the reason:

1. Tables/Areas - ‘Bookable Until’ time. This is perhaps the most common reason for this message to occur. The time set here is the time the customer has to have finished their booking by, not the latest time a booking can be made on this table. In the example below, 8.30 pm has been added to each of the tables meaning all bookings will need to be finished by 8.30 pm. If my minimum duration for a booking type is an hour and I try to book a table for 8 pm, I would not be able to do so. The ‘bookable until’ time is usually left blank or set to the venue closing times and so in the example below, setting the times to 11.30 pm (closing times) would resolve the issue.  

2. Tables/Areas - ‘Joined Tables/Areas’. If trying to book for larger tables, you may receive the ‘no tables available for 3 hours’ message if an insufficient amount of combinations have been added. In this section add in all the possible combinations. If this is not done, any auto-confirm bookings larger than the table max (seated) will not be booked in.

E.g (table 1, table 2) + (table 1, table 2, table 3) (table 2, table 3) (table 3, table 4) etc etc

For more info on this, please see this joined tables/areas article.

3. Tables/Areas - ‘Min people’. Issues can sometimes occur if all table minimum capacities are set to even numbers such as 2. When it comes to larger bookings and tables being joined together (see point 2 above), the system will not be able to book in groups of odd number e.g 3,5,7,9 etc. Many venues will set the minimum on some or all of their tables to 1.  

4. Opening Times/Unavailable Dates/Override Dates - Double check your Opening Times are correct and whether there are any override dates put in place that may be affecting the rules set. Check the Unavailable Dates section and the individual booking types to make sure there isn’t a rule preventing customers from booking.

5. Limit Arrivals - Make sure your Limit Arrivals rules are all set up correctly and that there are no bookings that might be breaking these rules. Remember that limit arrivals can be set up at either the venue level or within each booking type.

6. Booking Types - Areas For This Booking Type - Make sure that all tables/areas that you want that particular booking type to auto-confirm into have been added. If only a few tables have been added in this section and they are already booked, Collins won’t be able to place the booking into other tables.  

7. Booking Types Remove Fields Duration - If this is ticked, it will mean that customers will not be able to set an until time. If there are tables set in the tables/areas section with ‘booking until’ times set earlier than the closing times (see point 1. above) then issues may arise here.

8. Booking Types - Auto-Confirm Rules - If there is, in fact, no space available at the customer’s desired time, you can still offer the option of submitting an enquiry for that time. To do that, please follow these instructions.


If after following the checklist above (and refreshing your website to update the changes), you’re still not seeing the desired result, try using the ‘Test booking rules’ page within the Help Section. This will tell you all of the processes that Collins goes through when confirming auto-confirmed bookings, accepting enquiries or preventing a table to be booked.  

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