Reserve with Google - FAQs

Collins clients can now have their tables/areas booked through Google. Can you tell me more about this? We're excited about this new, nationwide partnership between Collins by DesignMyNight and Google. Google users can now book your venue through Google Search, Google Maps, and the Reserve with Google website.

What are the requirements? How do I turn on this feature?
Firstly you need to be an agreed DesignMyNight bookings partner and secondly offer auto-confirm bookings or enquiries through your Collins system, that don't request a payment or pre-order at the point of booking/enquiry. If you are eligible, Google will automatically activate your venue(s). If you want to opt out please email the above email address.

Is Reserve with Google available in all countries?


I don’t want my tables/areas to be discoverable and bookable through Google. Can I opt out?
You can turn the Partner Network feature off at any time. Simply email our team at to deactivate Reserve with Google. Please then allow 24-48 hours for these changes to appear in Google. Unlike other global booking systems that also have Reserve with Google, we do not claim not to know how to deactivate it. It is possible and we will do it asap once requested.

Can any Google user book with my business through Reserve with Google?

Yes – just the same as any customer can make a booking on your Collins widget on your own website.

Can you tell me more about what to expect when booking through Google?
When a potential client searches for a venue using Google Search, Google Maps, or the Reserve with Google website, they will see your Google listing profile. In your profile, there will be multiple “Book” buttons which will pull in your availability, live from your Collins system, and surface this to the user. They will then go ahead and book through the Reserve with Google flow, directly from Google, and complete their booking. They will be sent a confirmation email from Reserve with Google as well as your standard Collins confirmation email.

How does Reserve with Google work out the "until time" of a booking?

Reserve with Google doesn't allow the customer to pick a duration, like in Collins. Collins, therefore, passes Google the most accurate duration possible. Collins will look at your duration settings, such as the max duration, your rules dependent on number of guests and your duration interval settings to decipher an appropriate until time. If it has a max duration set and no other duration settings it will try to get it as close to 2 hours as possible. If you want certain durations to show on Reserve with Google for your different booking types please contact the Collins customer success team or your account manager and they will help you with your Collins settings.

How much does it cost me when customers book through Google?
You are charged your normal DesignMyNight referral booking fee. There is no extra charge on top of that for the functionality offered by Collins and Reserve with Google. Any bookings made through Reserve with Google will be treated the same as a booking coming in from and incur that 3rd party booking cost.

Why are only some of my Booking Types displayed by Google?

On the launch of Reserve with Google, only auto-confirm booking types and timeslots that can be auto confirmed booking and enquiries without requiring anything extra to confirm the booking, such as a deposit, pre-order or authentication. We are working on two more phases in the coming months to include taking enquiries and taking auto-confirm bookings that require a payment/deposit at the point of booking.

What happens if I have Booking Types that require a payment/deposit/authentication at the point of booking?

These Booking Types/booking slots won’t be available to book on Reserve with Google. We are working in the coming months on integrating the Collins payment/authentication flow into Reserve with Google too, which will allow these Booking Types/booking slots to be booked.

What happens if I take a card authetication of bookings from 5-8 people and no authentication of 1-4 people?

Reserve with Google will allow bookings of 1-4 people still. We are working in the coming months on integrating the Collins payment/authentication flow into Reserve with Google too, which will allow these Booking Types/booking slots to be booked. 

What happens if I have Booking Types that require a pre-order at the point of booking?

These Booking Types/booking slots won’t be available to book on Reserve with Google. This functionality is not yet available from Google.

Should I expect my Venue to become overbooked once they’re surfaced on Google?
No. Reserve with Google is pulling your live Collins availability at all times so it will only surface Booking Types and booking slots that are available in your Collins booking calendar/floorplan.

I’m noticing that Google is not collecting all of my required fields. Why not?

Because we give our clients the ability to create custom required fields, it’s difficult for third parties to create the same type of functionality for this integration. Therefore, users will be able to search and book without populating:

·      Birthday

·      Custom Field (Added by you in your admin to the usual booking flow)

·      Offers

Please note, Collins has no influence on the Google confirmation email that goes to clients. The details within the email and the branding is controlled solely by Google. Do remember however that your customers will also get your standard confirmation email as well as their Google one.

Will my Booking Policy appear to the customer when booking through Google? 

A hyperlink has been inserted under the 'Book Now' button which will allow the customer to check your booking policy for the type they're booking for and the date. This is entirely up to the customer to do, so if its something you really need them to be aware of before arriving for their booking - we would recommend adding this to your confirmation email

What happens to my Collins booking policy tick box on Reserve with Google?

The way Reserve with Google is set up means Collins cannot surface your booking policy on the Google booking flow. At the bottom of the checkout flow Google will state that by making the booking the customer is accepting your booking policy. There will be a hyperlink to your booking policy in this message too, should the customer want to read it.

Can the booking flow/journey be changed at all?

No. This is a Google product that we have integrated into with the Collins system. We have no control over the booking flow or how availability is presented. We are simply slotting in your availability into the Google product.

Can I edit my business listing on Google?
Yes. You can edit your business information. Click here to learn how. 
Please note we have no control over your google listing nor are we experienced in helping you customise or change your Google listing. Please use Google's FAQs or help channels.

Does Google get access to the customer data collected through Reserve with Google?

What happens if a user wants to cancel a booking they booked through Google?
Nothing changes in this process as they will also get your usual Collins confirmation email so they can cancel their booking through your usual Collins channels.
Google also allows customers to change or cancel their bookings through Google, and this will make use of your venue's rules on whether to accept changes/cancellations.  

If my Venue doesn’t meet the requirements to be listed on Reserve with Google, will the "Book A Table" button still appear?


Why are other booking systems showing availability in my Google Listing, as well as Collins by DesignMyNight?

If you work with other partner booking sites that have some availability for your venue they will be able to activate your Reserve with Google functionality too. If Collins and other booking platforms are active on your profile, the customer will select which provider they wish to book with through Google.

If Collins is your primary booking system we would recommend contacting the other booking systems and asking them to turn off their Reserve with Google. You want Google to show your full availability and all bookings to go straight into your Collins diary/floorplan – this can only be achieved if Collins is your only live, Reserve with Google, provider.

It has been claimed by some of our clients that other booking systems claim not to know how to deactivate their Reserve with Google. This is not true. They definitely can. You just need to put your foot down and keep on at them!

How do I disable/remove Reserve with Google?
If you wish to remove yourself from the network, simply email and we will have you deactivated within 24-48 hours.

If I have payments set up at the point of booking, will the 'Note to the customer' show if they book through Google?

Currently the Google form doesnt have this field in place so if you would like to make sure the customer is aware of this note, make sure to put it in the Booking Policy or Confirmation Email 

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