Collins and Soda integration

If you are selling gift and experience vouchers via our online voucher platform, Soda, within the payments tab of a booking, you’ll be able to see a ‘Soda Gift Voucher’ section.

This is where you can redeem a voucher against a booking, should the guest, for example, want to use their voucher on their booking.  

Simply click ‘Add Voucher’ & enter the Soda Voucher Code into the pop-up. Once you’ve entered the code, click on the magnifying glass to search. In the background, the system is checking the validity of the voucher and will then display a message to say whether the voucher is redeemable or not:

If the voucher is redeemable, click Add to the booking. You will be then asked to save the booking and should see the voucher with a status of ‘In Progress’  

Once you’re happy to redeem the voucher click ‘Redeem’ at the right side of the page and click ‘Add to booking’, the voucher will then appear within the Payments section. The payment type will be ‘Soda Voucher’ and the notes will automatically populate with; ‘Redeemed Voucher’ and the voucher code for your reference.  

Once added, this will appear on your:

Within your Soda redemptions report, you'll be able to see which vouchers were redeemed in Collins and for what bookings. Once a voucher has been redeemed in Collins, you will be unable to redeem it again in Soda, and visa versa


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