Reports - Payments Report

In this report, you can view all payments recorded in Collins, whether it is a Collins Pay payment, an Authentication or an Other Payment. 

The report defaults to show the previous month of payments added (by you can view up to a year's worth of data). You can filter this report by clicking on the ADD FILTER option next to the Date added filter and you add the below filters:

  • Booking Date

  • Payment type (Payment/ Auth)

  • Pushed to Till (this will apply if you have a Till/EPOS integration with Collins)

You will see a list of payments with the below information (from left to right):

  • Payment Added Date

  • Venue

  • Booking Reference - the booking reference is hyperlinked to take you straight into the enquiry/booking from the Payments Report

  • Customer Name

  • Booking Date

  • Type

  • Status

  • Amount

  • Claimed amount

You can then download this report into Excel spreadsheet, or email the report directly to your inbox in the top right-hand corner. Once in Excel, the report can be filtered further for any specific results.

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