Reports - Payments

In this report you can view all payments recorded in Collins, whether it is a Collins Pay payment, an Authentication or an Other Payment. 


The report defaults to show the previous month of payments added. You can filter this report by:
> Date Added
> Booking Date
> Payment type (Payment/ Auth)
> Pushed to Till (this will apply if you have a Till/EPOS integration with Collins)

You will see a list of payments with the:

> Payment Added Date
> Venue
> Booking Reference - the booking reference is hyperlinked to take you straight into the enquiry/booking from the Payments Report
> Customer Name
> Booking Date
> Type
> Status
> Amount
> Claimed amount

You can then download this report into Excel spreadsheet, or email the report directly to your inbox. Once in Excel, the report can be filtered further for any specific results.

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