Top Tips for promoting Offers on DesignMyNight

Offers are a great way to boost your profile on

25% of all bookings made via DesignMyNight have an offer associated with them.

You can use them to promote your regular discounts (such as Happy Hour), attract new customers and to try and boost bookings during your quieter periods.

Where do the offers appear on

  • On your venue page under the Offers/Promos section

  • On the Collins booking widget on your venue page

  • Your offer will pull through to all editorial features that you are included in. As such they are a really great way to help you stand out in features.

> Offers Search

> Newsletter - we select two top offers each week to feature in our main newsletter (which goes out to over 400,000 readers).  

  • We also feature the best offers in our Top Offers line up.

Top Tips for helping your offer stand out:

  • Clear title - only the title of the offer will pull through in editorial features and our Top Offers section. As such, it’s really important to make it clear exactly what the offer is (to entice readers to click through and read more details).

  • Offers are a great way to publicise any discounts/special deals that you are running. We've seen a lot of traction for Match your first round for free, 50% off your bill and Complimentary Cocktail on Arrival.

  • If you offer events such as Bottomless Brunch, we would actually recommend that you add these as non-ticketed events on Tonic as opposed to an offer. This way you can use the event page to give more details, menus, photos to really sell the event!

  • Be as flexible as possible - for the best traction, we recommend that you have as few restrictions as possible when setting the group size and times that the offer will redeemable for.

For full instructions on how to upload offers onto Collins, please click here.

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