Diary/Floorplan - Booking Stages

If you are using Collins for live service and are actively checking bookings in, you can go into further detail by marking which stage the booking is at in real-time. You can create your own booking stages (such as ‘Partially Seated’ or ‘Dessert’) and create different colours for these stages.

> How to use

In either the Diary or the Floorplan view, the booking stages can be changed once the booking has been checked in using the TICK box in the check-in list next to the customer's name.

When clicking on a customer’s name in the check-in list in the left-hand column, a new window will appear showing more details regarding the booking. The different stages will appear here and can be appropriately selected.

Once a stage has been selected, the booking will also appear in both the Diary and Floorplan highlighted with the corresponding booking stage colour. See the example below where Dessert is represented by the colour purple.

The table is now highlighted purple on the floorplan.

> How to setup

You can setup Booking Stages at either the venue group level or set to each individual venue. If setting up at venue level go to Settings > Venues > Choose the Venue > Labels & Colours tab and scroll down to ‘Booking Stages’.

Choose 'Use custom stages’ to create stages unique to your individual venue as opposed to those at the group level. You can pre-populate your stages with some recommended examples or you can create your own by simply clicking ‘Add Another’ where you are able to name the booking stage and then attach a colour.

!Please note that ‘Left’ is a default stage which cannot be edited or removed and we'd recommend keeping 'Arrived' as the first stage.

To create stages at the group level, go to Settings > Venue Group > Labels and scroll down to Booking Stages.

To see a video tutorial on adding/editing booking stages, please click here and watch from 02:55 - 03:40.

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