Venue Group - Marketing Preferences & Message

At venue group level you can set up your marketing preferences(ie. how you'd like to contact customers regarding offers etc) and if you have different brands within your organisation, you'll be able to apply specific preferences to certain venues. 

Once enabled these preferences will appear 
  • Within an enquiry, if an email address is inputted for the customers (this means your staff can add preferences if speaking to the customer)
  • When clicking on a Customer in the Customers tab 
  • In your customer download spreadsheet
  • At the point of booking/enquiry on your booking form/widget on your website. 
To begin set up, go to 
  • Settings
  • Venue Group 
  • Marketing 
If nothing has already been customised for your venue group, you'll see the default message 


If you would like to remove this, click on the red X to the right of the page and SAVE. Then begin adding your customised marketing preferences by clicking 'ADD FIELD' 
  • The Name will be only used internally for you to filter by and add preferences to your customers manually. 
  • The Description will be what your customer see's when making a booking/enquiry on your website. You can hyperlink text in the description to your privacy policy if you would like - more info here

Once SAVED, these preferences will apply to all of your venues. If you would like some venues to only have certain preferences, you will need to go to the 'Venues' settings and chose which custom preferences you'd like to apply to the venue

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