Collins Auto Double Confirm - Texts and Diary/Floorplan Usage

N.B - This option is only available if you have Booking Texts enabled. If you would like to enable these, please contact your Collins account manager. We have a number of packages available to suit your SMS usage.

Once a member of our team has enabled this feature and you have set up Auto Double Confirm in your settings, texts will be automatically sent your customers the day before their booking at 12 pm. Please note this will not apply to bookings that have been made within 12 hours of that time

The text will look like so:

  • By replying YES: The customers booking will be double confirmed and you will see this in Collins.

  • By replying NO: The customers booking will be cancelled and automatically removed from the table they're assigned to.

  • By not replying: The customers booking will remain confirmed, but you will be able to filter by these kinds of bookings and see which ones you need to contact manually to re-confirm.

Your customers will also be able to change/amend their booking via a link in the text if this has been enabled in your settings. If it hasn't, then the phone number depicted in the Auto Double Confirm settings will appear in the text.

In your Diary/Floorplan

Within your check-in list, a blue tick next to the customers' name will indicate whether the booking has been reconfirmed or not:

You will also be able to use the Filter button to check in on any that have yet to be reconfirmed and if you've spoken to the customer over the phone and want to reconfirm their booking manually, within the booking shoulder, simply tick the checkbox and save.

If you use the Customised Run-Sheet to manage your service, next to any bookings that have been reconfirmed will be a tick box on the far right of the page.

To see a video tutorial on using Auto Double Confirm, please click here and watch from 01:48 - 03:47.  

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