Collins Auto Double Confirm - Set Up

If you or your staff members have the mammoth job of calling all of your customers the day of their reservation to double-check they're still coming to the venue, then Collins Auto Double Confirm can remove the need for this manual labour. Simply leave the work to Collins and it will text your customers the day before their booking, asking them to reconfirm their reservation & when they do, this information is then sent back to the system

N.B - This option is only available if you have Booking Texts enabled. If you would like to enable these, please contact your Collins account manager. We have a number of packages available to suit your SMS usage.

Once enabled by a member of the Collins Team, you'll have the option to determine which bookings the texts are sent to. Only Auto-Confirm Bookings without a deposit? No problem. Any booking with an authentication? Consider it done.

Set Up:

In your venue settings, you'll be able to decide what parameters the texts are sent out to. To find the section to start setting this up, head to

  • Settings > Venues

  • Choose your venue

  • Auto Double Confirm tab on the left-hand side

Sections explained:

  • Contact number: Based on your booking rules, customers who cannot cancel or amend their booking will be given your contact number in the text they receive, should they need to get in touch

  • Booking Types: You can determine whether texts are sent to all your booking types or a select few by clicking 'Custom' (EG: Just lunch and dinner)

  • Number of Guests: The group sizes you want texts to be sent out to (EG: only groups between 3 - 7).

  • Auto-Confirmed: 'Any' will send texts out to all booking types, 'Auto-Confirmed' will only send out to those that were made on your booking form/website and automatically confirmed

  • Bookings with a Deposit: Here you can say whether you want to include bookings with a deposit in the texts sent out or exclude them

Once you've set up your parameters, you can see how it works by reading this article.

To see a video tutorial on setting up Auto Double Confirm, please click here and watch from 00:00 - 01:48.  

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