Venue Group - Invoicing & Contracts

You have the ability to create Contracts and Invoices within Collins. By creating a contract you can obtain a written agreement from the customer for everything that has been pre-arranged for the booking. Invoices can be generated and sent to the customer before or after their booking

Setting up a Contract & Invoicing at venue level

Contracts & Invoices can either be added at the ‘Venue Group’ level (applying the same rules for all venues in your organisation) or at the ‘Venue’ Level(every venue having different settings).

To input the settings for an individual venue, go to

  • Settings 
  • Venue Group
  • Invoicing & Contracts

Make sure all the company details are filled out in the ‘Company Settings’ section for both Documents, please note you will need to fill out all fields for invoicing to work:

Underneath you can create Invoice Footer notes, for example Payment terms, bank transfer details etc, which will appear in all Invoices


The ‘Contract Introduction’ and any ‘Contract Footer Notes’ can be used to input any useful information such as general terms and conditions for abiding by and signing your contracts. Anything written here will display as standard template every time a contract is generated however this can be edited within each contract manually.

Finally, at the bottom, you can also create multiple ‘Contract Sections’ which can then be chosen to appear when creating an invoice. Examples of these could include Standard Terms and Conditions, Room Hire information, Minimum Spend T&Cs and so on.

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