Limit Arrivals - Restricting the number of covers that can be booked at certain times

If you want to restrict the number of covers that can be booked into your venue per a certain timeslot, perhaps every half an hour to not overload the kitchen at a popular time, and/or save tables for walk-ins, you can restrict how many covers the system can auto-confirm in between certain slots. To do this, go to:

  • Settings
  • Venues > Select the venue
  • Limit Arrivals tab on the left-hand side
  • You can set up an individual rule by selecting ‘Add Limit’ > select to set this rule either as a 'Weekday' or a specific 'Date' from the drop-down, then add the time range and number you want to restrict it too 


  • If you have a consistent rule throughout service, you can select ‘Add Multiple Limits’ to do this quickly and a pop-up window will appear to ‘generate cover limits’. From here you can:

> select the weekday(s) this rule should repeat on and tick the weekdays
> the time range you want to set the intervals to
> add the interval, i.e 15 min or 30 min
> how many covers per each time slot

  • Select ‘Generate’
  • Make sure to SAVE the Settings

NOTE - These rules will apply across all Bookings for your venue. However, you can set up different Limit Arrival rules per Booking Type - see guide here.

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