Collins Docs - Attaching files/documents to bookings in Collins

If you need to attach seating plans, client logos, client contracts etc... to your Enquiries and Bookings in Collins, you'll be able to this within the Documents tab.

Within your booking/enquiry, click on DOCUMENTS to start attaching files.

You can either use the 'UPLOAD FILE' button to select a file from your computer or if you have your documents folder open on your device, simply drag and drop the file onto the booking.

Please note there is a maximum file size of 8mb.

Once you've uploaded your files, they will appear in the "Documents" tab, against the booking/enquiry and they will appear in the Attachment drop down in the Messages section, so you can easily attach these files to emails being sent to your customers if required.

Please note that this is an extra feature with an extra small cost of £5 per site, per month, due to the storage costs we need to pass on. Please contact your account manager or to enable it.

To see a video tutorial on Collins Docs, please click here. 

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