Fixed Price Menu Messages

Warning Messages when entering bulk orders into Collins, what do they mean? 

To ensure your pricing for set menus are correct when entering bulk orders into Collins, there are a few messages you may see in the pre-orders tab if there are various different pricing structures added 

As there is only 1 price field, these warning messages will appear when you have added:
  • Different fixed price rules, eg. a bulk order consisting of some 2 for £25 orders, and 3 for £30. 

  • A bulk order where one or more items have a surcharge. Have a steak on your set menu that has a surcharge if selected? This order will need to be added onto a separate row for the price to be calculated correctly.

  • A bulk order where one or more items have configurable options. If you have extra settings on your items(ie. if a customer wants extra cheese with their burger, that will be £1 extra), and they are added within a bulk order, this warning message will appear.

These warning messages are in place to ensure that your pricing structure is appearing correctly on your function sheets, run sheets and to your customers. If you do have a bulk order where one/all of the above is applicable, you will need to separate out the orders by clicking 'Add Order' and inputting your orders with surcharges in a separate row, for example. 


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