GDPR is coming Q2 2018. We are committed to maintaining suitable standards for our clients and ensuring all the data you collect from Collins is handled in a legal fashion, in light with the new law changes.

What will change?

- GDPR law states that all customer sign up methods must be opt-in, not opt-out. We have already changed the sign up to your newsletter box on the Collins widget to be opt-out
- All the data captured previously to this change was of course legally captured. However, once GDPR comes into effect it will be best practice to ask your email database to opt-in to your mailers again.
- At DesignMyNight we will have a GDPR officer who will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all our practices in accordance with GDPR
- We will ensure that no customer information is stored locally in any of our development or testing environments
- We use Amazon AWS servers to store/power all customer data. These are the best in the business and will, of course, be conforming automatically to all GDPR regulations

While we guarantee that the collection of your customer data and storage will be in accordance with GDPR we also recommend speaking to an independent expert on how you yourselves manage and use the data you collect from Collins.

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