Booking Set Up requirements

In this section, you can create booking or set up requirements ​for your Venue​. This is a time-saver tool that allows you to add additional information about a booking or enquiry, for example, room layout, extra staff, equipment etc. It's ideal for Weddings, Private Hire and larger group bookings.

You can also set up the requirements at Venue Group Level. Please see our guide here. If you've decided to set your requirements at venue group level, in your venue settings there will be an option to copy fields from Venue Group and customise them.

To ​set up​ your options to appear in the 'Booking Details' section of your Enquiries and printouts​, go to:

  • Settings
  • Venues 
  • Choose your venue
  • Booking Set Up Requirements
  • Choose Use Venue specific Fields  
  • Add a Field  
  • Create a name for the requirement in Field Label - examples of this could be 'Table Layout', 'AV Equipment', 'Extra Staff Needed' ​or ​'Dedicated Server'
  • Next, select the Field Type for your label. You can choose either Yes/No, Free Text, Long Text, Pick one or Pick Multiple. Pick One or Pick Multiple will ask you to input additional options for your users to decide, based on the booking.
  • Click SAVE

An example of a booking requirement would be Room Layout with field type of Pick Multiple. The options then could be 'Theatre', 'Classroom' or 'U Shape'

Once they are SAVED and set up, you'll then be able to see them in your Booking/Enquiries and in different printouts to use on the day. More information on how to use this functionality can be found here

To re-order your setup requirements, use these icons to drag and drop.


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