Settings - Creating Hyperlinks within Collins

Hyperlinks are a great way to efficiently get your customers to a different website or online page with one simple click. It is possible to do this in Collins in nearly all cases where there is a text box present (see full list below) and this is very useful to link customers to your T&CS, social media (such as Facebook or Twitter) and/or other parts of your website (menus, galleries or 'What's On' sections).

To add a hyperlink:

> highlight the word you would like to create a link for and a pop-up options bar will appear. Click the middle option (see below)

> once clicked, a new URL box will appear. Copy and paste the URL link to your website and then click the small tick to complete

> once completed, the desired word will now appear in light blue lettering to signify that it is a hyperlink.

To hyperlink an email address:

You can hyperlink an email address so that when a customer clicks they are taken to their mail provider to edit a new message addressed to the hyperlinked email address:

> highlight the email address you wish to hyperlink.

> click on the hash tag that appears in the tool bar. 

> type in "mailto:" followed by the email address with no spaces. 

> click on the white tick to complete. 

Hyperlinks are available in the following sections:

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