Creating Hyperlinks within Collins

Hyperlinks are a great way to efficiently get your customers to a different website or online page with one simple click. It is possible to do this in Collins in nearly all cases where there is a text box present (see full list below) and this is very useful to link customers to your T&CS, social media (such as Facebook or Twitter) and/or other parts of your website (menus, galleries or 'Whats On' sections).

To add a hyperlink, highlight the word you would like to create a link for and a pop up options bar will appear. Click the middle option (see below)

Once clicked, a new url box will appear. Copy and paste the url link to your website and then click the small tick to complete.

Once completed, the desired word will now appear in light blue lettering to signify that it is a hyperlink.

Hyperlinks are available in the following sections:

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