Collins Pre-Orders - Adding Diet Types, Allergies and Extra Settings to your items

When setting up your pre-order items on Collins, you will see a 'Show Advanced' option.


This is where you can add Allergens and Dietary Requirements. It is also where you can include extra settings for the item, Ie. "How do you want your steak cooked?" Or "What type of bun do you want with the burger?"  

Once you click on the advanced options section, the first section will look like the below:

> On the left is where you will determine whether the item is suitable for any Diet Types. These will show on your menu when you send them to your customers.

> On the right, are the list of allergies the item may contain. If the item is listed as including egg, for example, and the customer states they/their friend is allergic to eggs when ordering, this item then will be stripped from their menu choices unless you select an alternative for the egg being available.

Both suitabilities can be seen from the customers perspective when watching this video.

> Scroll down and you will see where you can add further customisations to this item:


> Begin by clicking 'Add a new customisation group' and when you do so, you will see a section that looks like this.


To explain each section:

* Group Name - This is where you will name the extra setting you want to apply to this menu. For example:

  • How do you want your steak cooked?
  • Type of Bun with Burger
  • Burrito Filling
  • Allergen Suitability

* Description - Where you can add a further description of this customised setting.

* Quantity Rules - The minimum and maximum amount of options you want the customer to choose when selecting this extra setting. Ie. Do they have to select one of your customisations before completing their pre-order?

* Options - The different choices a customer can select from. EG. How do you want your steak cooked?

  • Rare

  • Medium Rare

  • Well Done

> If any of the options chosen update the price of the item, you can depict that in the 'Price Change' column. If they don't, leave as blank or input '£0'

> Finally, if one of your customisations changes the diet suitability of an item, select "Diet Suitability" link and mark what allergens apply for the item. Eg:

Customisation Group - Dairy-Free Mash

Description - Some alternatives in the Mash for those that require Dairy Free.

Rules - Leave as blank, as a customer doesn't have to enter something here

Option Name -

  • Butter Free Mash (Diet Suitability = makes it suitable for Dairy Free and removes the allergen milk)

  • Almond Milk Mash (Diet Suitability = makes it suitable for Dairy Free and removes the allergen milk)

  • Soya Milk Mash (Diet Suitability = makes it suitable for Dairy Free and removes the allergen milk)

Example of setting up an item 

I have set up a Spinach and Ricotta Pie.

When clicking on the Cog next to the item description, I will determine that this item is suitable for vegetarians and includes Milk (in the mash) and Celery.

Knowing that I have the ability to not have milk in the mash by using the Customisation groups, I can determine an alternative to it when setting this item up


This removes the allergy that I had depicted before now, so in the Diet Suitability section, I will determine that these options remove the allergen, Milk, out of the dish and I will select "Makes suitable for" = Dairy Free


If you want to add extra settings and diet suitability information to an existing item, click on 'Edit' next to the item.


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