Authentication vs. Authorisation - What's the Difference?

Collins uses card authentication, not authorisation.

It is important to note the difference that with authentication (in Collins) there is no payment shadow and the funds aren't held or frozen in the account like with authorised cards.

Collins (through our payment provider Stripe) will check that the card belongs to the holder and that the appropriate funds are available at that time.

It is important to note that if the client were to cancel their card/close their account, you would not be able to claim the money and that the card is only authenticated for 3 months.  It is advisable therefore that card authentication is used for smaller amounts or low-risk groups, for example as a means as security for groups to turn up to their bookings and not for large amounts or a way to retrospectively charge.

In any email templates or with any communication with the customer, we’d always suggest you use the correct terminology (authentication) to describe this payment process.      

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