Trouble shooting - Collins is running slow for me

Here at Collins we’re on a constant mission to stay ahead of the game and bring you the best booking and enquiry management system on the market. To do this, we’re regularly making ‘improvements’ based on all the feedback we get from you lovely people!

The slight downside to being so agile and dynamic (and with any software product) is that you may run into the occasional bug/issue. If you do encounter one of these pesky little blighters, we’d encourage you to report it asap. To make sure we can see it instantly and to speed up the bug squashing process, we ask you to follow a few simple steps:

Step 1 - Make sure it’s actually a bug!

  • Try logging out of Collins and shutting the browser completely, opening it up again and re-logging in.

If we are already aware of any issues, we will immediately let you know through the ‘Service Status’ on the Collins homepage

  • Always check your settings thoroughly! If you’re wondering why a date is greyed out on the booking widget or why some bookings are auto-confirm and others not, 99% of the time, this is not a bug in the system but a rule added in your admin setup that is preventing something from happening. Double check your ‘Unavailable Dates’ section, ‘Opening Times’, ‘Close Areas’ and then each of your individual ‘Booking Types’ to see if something is causing the issue in the setup. To narrow this down quickly,  go to Settings > Test Booking Rules and then fill in all the parameters of what you are trying to book. You’ll then get an instantaneous answer and reason as to why the booking will or will not be accepted.

Step 2 - How to Raise a Ticket

Things to Include

  1. Wherever possible, please provide a DMN reference number of any booking in particular you are looking at (this is located in the top left hand corner of every individual booking/enquiry in the system). If it’s something more general, are there any bookings affected by the issue? If so, please let us know these reference numbers.

2) Please state the user account email address you are logging in with (we don’t need a password). If you don’t know what this is, click in the top right hand corner of the screen and choose ‘My Account’ - the email address there is the one we would like.

3) Give a clear description of what you believe the issue to be. If possible, let us know your expected behaviour and the current behaviour. Saying “Help, Collins isn’t working” gives us very little to go off and it will ultimately mean we will have to ask for more information, therefore slowing doing the process and not getting the issue fixed for you!

4) Try and tell us the exact steps you took to create the issue. The first thing we do at Collins HQ is to try and recreate the issue, and if we can do this, our tech team can work quickly to resolve it.

5) We love screenshots! The more you can send the better! Attach a screenshot of the page where the  issue is occurring, preferably with the console tab attached. The ‘console’ is a really useful piece of information for our tech team as it is essentially an error report of what is failing to work on that particular computer.

How to do this:

  • ​On the page when it's happening, right click

  • Click "inspect element"

  • You'll see a screen with lots of code on it (don’t panic!)

  • In the top panel of this new split screen click on "console"

  • Drag the panel up so it covers your whole screen and take a screenshot of what is in the console section (see example below)

  • Send that to us. That is essentially an error report in code on what is breaking on that specific computer.

An Example of What We’d Like to See!

“Hi Team Collins,

We’re having a little bit of trouble with changing the amount of guests in a booking.

Go to

Email login

See DMN-3094420796639

Click on the amount of guests and try and change from 6 to 8. I am able to write 8 in the box but as soon as I click ‘Save’, it reverts back to 6 (see below with console)

I hope you can help!”

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