Marketing and Promotion (For DesignMyNight Bookings Partners)

As a Collins partner, you get to take advantage of free marketing and promotion with DesignMyNight and tap into our targeted and captive audience. We also have an extensive Third Party Partner Network, more details below.

DesignMyNight audience:

  • Those purely seeking day/night out

  • 70% are 24-35 year olds with disposable income

  • Socio groups A,B,C1


  • Over 450,000 newsletter subscribers

  • Average weekly social impressions of 500,000

  • Over 11 million hits per month

How do we market and promote your venue on DesignMyNight?

Your venue page

The best place to start is your DesignMyNight venue page as this will be what our audience sees. This is the page our audience is directed to from searches, features and newsletters, so it’s very important to make sure your page is up to date, looking good and represents you how you wish to be represented.

Please follow our guide here on how to update your DesignMyNight venue page and what makes a good profile - Update your DesignMyNight venue page. Once the venue page is complete with photos of the exterior and interior, a unique venue description, tags and menus, we can get you live and get started on promotions!

Offers are a great way to boost your profile on DesignMyNight. Not only are they visible in your DesignMyNight venue page but they also appear in the offers section on DesignMyNight, in offer searches on DesignMyNight and there is an opportunity to feature in our weekly newsletter for the top offers that week. You can find out more on adding offers here and make sure you get in touch with your Account Manager if you add a big offer.

Reviews on DesignMyNight are a big bookings driver and also now recognised by Google as an official review platform. We’d imagine your reviews will be more positive than not in the main. You can also reply to reviews officially too if there are any negative ones. We’d recommend setting up automatic follow up (leave a review emails) from Collins, you can see how here - Setting up follow up emails.

Features/ Channels

The main traffic on DesignMyNight goes to our features. When you sign up to Collins and your DesignMyNight profile goes live, our editorial team carefully select and push you in relevant features.

To be fair to all our clients our features are shuffling, meaning the position of the venue in the feature changes, so each venue receives the same level of promotion.

You can see all the features we have on DesignMyNight on the link below, just select ‘view all’. As mentioned the features are editorial but if you see a relevant feature on the site you would like to be included in, let your Account Manager know and they will see what they can do.

These features are regularly pushed in our newsletters, on social, and with our editorial partners.


Newsletters provide a nice spike in views to your page, they go out to over 300,000 engaged readers. You will get the chance to feature in a newsletter when you are first live with the Collins system after that please contact your Account Manager to organise additional promo with you. There are a number of ways for venues to appear in our newsletter;

  • As part of a feature eg rooftop venues in London

  • As a ‘need to try’

  • As a ‘top offer’

  • As a social competition

  • Or as a DesignMyNight review.

We aim to promote every venue at least once a year in our newsletters and we will be fair to all venues. We cannot push the same venues all the time as we do not want it to appear paid for, rather than editorial. No good for you or us.

DesignMyNight Review

Another way to drive awareness of your venue is to have someone from DesignMyNight come and review the venue. Reviews go online and are pushed in newsletters too, so it’s a great additional way to get your name out there with our audience. Your Account Manager can arrange this with you and a member of our content team. Check out some of our previous reviews here -


Social media is used throughout the year to generate word of mouth and buzz for our partners. You can see the types of content we put out there on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and if you have something that you think would fit well, then let your Account Manager know.

Social Competitions

We offer our Collins partners this exclusive free promo opportunity. Each week we have a social media competition (share, like and retweet to enter) that we also promote in our main newsletter. We line up each year at the beginning of the year so make sure you keep an eye on the Collins emails! The competitions normally get at least 150+ shares and total impressions of 500,000+. The bigger and bolder the prize, the better!


If you are a DesignMyNight Bookings Partner (DBP) our concierge team will pitch your venue for private hires (Central London Only)*

Third-Party Partners/ Affiliate Network

We have an extensive partner network that includes, Google, MatchPint, TimeOut, Afternoon Tea, London on the Inside and Worlds Best Bars. As a DesignMyNight Bookings Partner, we open bookings with these partners allowing customers to book directly into your Collins system.

Any questions, please contact your Collins Account Manager 

*Please note due to Covid-19 restrictions the concierge team isn't currently pitching venues for private hire.

TOP TIP - Don’t forget about your customer data in Collins as you can use this to send your own mailouts to encourage customers to come back.

How to filter your customer data

How to download your customer data

Looking to promote an event? Check out our guide - Promoting your events on DesignMyNight

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