Promoting Your Event on DesignMyNight (Collins Partners)

As a Collins user, you get free access to Tonic, our ticketing and events platform. You can find Tonic when logging in at

How best to list and manage your event?

We appreciate that venues host different types of events and will want to manage these in different ways. As Collins customers, you have two options when creating an event.

  • Ticketed Events (selling tickets on Tonic)

You can create an event on Tonic and add ticket types to sell.

If you are selling tickets on Tonic, your event page will show a 'Buy Your Tickets' widget. This will be how customers buy their ticket in advance.

Advantages - Ticketed events are great for your one-off events such as NYE. Tickets can make it more of an ‘event’ and it feels special and a one-off.  

  • Non-ticketed events (taking bookings through Collins) 

If you have bookings open on DMN, you can create a non-ticketed event on Tonic.

This way the event that you set up on Tonic acts as a landing page for more info about the event.

Here you will be able to add the menus, quality images and description to really sell the event. The more information you give, the better!

When setting up the event page on Tonic, do not select to Add New Ticket (so that the event is non-ticketed). Instead, fill in the Cost of Entry to give readers an indication of entry prices.   

As there are no tickets added to the event, the event page will not have a 'Buy your Ticket' widget.

Instead, your Collins booking widget will automatically pull through to the event page. Customers will be prompted to 'Book & Enquire':


As such we recommend that you set up a new Collins Booking Type specifically for the event, then customers will still be able to book and you'll be able to use Collins to manage the enquiries.

Create a booking type for one date or a certain date range

We can then promote the event page in relevant Events editorial features and on social media.

Advantages - non-ticketed events are particularly useful for events such as Supper Club and Brunches as Collins can do the work for you. You can take advantage of Collins Pre-Order, Collins Pay and the system allocating tables automatically.

You can also make the booking process hands-off for your team by setting up auto-confirm and taking payment at the point of making a booking.

Free Events

We do allow Collins customers to list free events. However we have found in our experience, customers are much more likely to commit to an event if there is a cheap package on offer eg £5 ticket (Entry + drink on arrival). This would make your event far more attractive to our audience.

Alternatively, you can set up a non-ticketed event and take bookings through Collins. You can set up to auto-confirm and take card authentication at the point of making a booking (make sure the Payment Type is Authentication) to help you secure against no shows on the night.

If you have a live Design My Night venue page, the event will link from/ and to your profile.

There is a user guide built onto Tonic to help guide you through.

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