Promoting Your Event on DesignMyNight (Collins Partners)

As a Collins user, you get free access to Tonic, our ticketing and events platform. You can find Tonic when logging in at

How best to list/ manage your event? We appreciate that venues host different types of events and will want to manage these in different ways. As Collins customers you have 2 options when creating an event;

Ticketed Events - Create an event on Tonic and sell tickets.

Advantages - Great for one off events such as NYE. Tickets make it more of an ‘event’ and it feels special and a one off.

When you sell tickets on Tonic, your event page will show a Buy Your Tickets widget.

Non-ticketed events  - If you have bookings open on DMN, you can create a non ticketed event on Tonic & then create a specific booking type in Collins - Create a booking type for one date or a certain date range

Great for events such as supper clubs and brunches.

Advantages - Allow Collins to do the work for you, take advantage of Collins Pre-Order, Collins Pay and the system allocating tables automatically. Potential for hands off working (autoconfirm + Pay).

If you choose to create a non-ticketed event on Tonic, your Collins booking widget will automatically pull through to the event page instead.

Free Events - We do allow Collins customers to list free events. However we have found in our experience, customers are much more likely to commit to an event if there is a cheap package on offer eg £5 ticket (Entry + drink on arrival). This would make your event far more attractive to our audience.

If you have a live Design My Night venue page, the event will link from/ and to your profile.

There is a user guide built onto Tonic to help guide you through.

What makes a good event page? - Click here for our top tips

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