Updating your DesignMyNight venue page

We give you access to update and edit your own DesignMyNight Venue page. It will be what our audience sees of your venue and your main promotional page, containing all the information about your venue. Your Collins booking widget can pull through to this page and any events you list on Tonic will link through too. Think of it as the hub for everything going on at your venue.

As your venue page will be the page that gets the most traffic on DesignMyNight and will be seen when people try and book at your venue, it’s really worth spending a bit of time making sure it’s as clear and informative as possible.

How to update your DesignMyNight venue page: Go to admin.designmynight.com and sign in with your email address and password.

Please note: If you are unable to see Listings, this may be because of the permissions of your user account. Contact your account admin to update your permissions; if you have any difficulty contact your account manager.

Click onto Manage your Listings and you will be shown all the venues that you have listed on DesignMyNight.

To edit your venue, click Manage Venue:

You will be directed to your venue profile, which will be split over different tabs.:

Top Tips for filling out each tab:


> Venue description - this section is key. Assume that the reader knows nothing about your venue, so give them a full description of what to expect.

This is the part where you can boast about any cool, quirky features you have, any interesting historical facts or any awards that you’ve received to really help you stand out. Why should our audience book into your venue? The more information that you give us, the more likely we’ll be able to feature your venue in Recommended Lists on DesignMyNight and newsletters, which will increase your exposure with our users. Please see the editorial guidelines at the bottom of this page before completing your description.

Examples of great DMN venue profiles: Cane and Grain, Blues Kitchen and Barrio Shoreditch.

> Notification email - This is the email that user reviews are sent to. You can set up multiple emails to be notified when a User Review has been submitted on DesignMyNight, by separating email addresses with a comma i.e. jess@example.com,leoni@example.com


The first thing that potential customers will see is your photos. We can’t stress the importance of great photos; show full venue shots, so people know what to expect (especially if you have a beautiful venue!) as well as any quirky detail photos and then some food and/or drink ones. Just pictures of drinks/food or just pictures of close-ups of people in your venue aren’t the best to attract bookings. You want to add hi-res images of your venue (blurry images reflect poorly on you and aren’t very useful). For the best results, images should be a minimum 620x350 landscape. The top photo will be the main one on your profile and will appear as a thumbnail in features and searches - so make sure this one is the best.

Youtube Video - you can add a video clip. This will be the first item to appear in your gallery (before the images).

Google 360 Embed - you will need to paste the Embed HTML code for your Google 360 Tour.


This is a quick way of giving an indication of what your venue is like (Type of Music, Type of Venue, etc).

> Average Age of your clientele to give our users an idea of what to expect/if they’re the right age range.

> Queue Buster - The time queues start to form on busy nights or whether you must book/buy a ticket to get entry.

Please only select relevant categories to maintain the integrity of the search. Our editorial team review any changes and will only remove any not relevant categories.


We highly recommend uploading your menus so that customers can get a clear indication about the type of food and drink on offer and the prices to expect. We find that venues that upload menus get more bookings and it helps manage customer expectations, which avoids getting reviews that things were not as expected.

Please note: if your menus change on a seasonal basis, please remember to update them on your venue page. Your venue will also not get marketed on the DesignMyNight website without food or drink menus.

You can upload your food/drink menus in the ‘Food’ drop down of the Food and Drink Tab.  


Gives an indication of your opening times and if you’re open for special dates eg Bank Holidays.


If you have areas or a venue that you wish to hire out privately, it’s super quick to fill in the basic details (capacities and fees) and this will be shown on your page. We have noticed an increased pick up on private hire where the venue has completed this section. The main sections to complete are; Space, Type, Capacity and Min Spends.


This is where you can view and reply to user reviews - How do I respond to a review? Reviews on DesignMyNight are a big bookings driver and also now recognised by Google as an official review platform. We’d imagine your reviews will be more positive than not in the main. You can also reply to reviews officially too if there are any negative ones. We’d recommend setting up automatic follow up (leave a review emails) from Collins, you can see how here -  Setting up follow up emails. 

Please note: your response will show on your profile page.


Offers are a great way to boost your profile on DesignMyNight. Not only are they visible in your DesignMyNight venue page but they also appear in the offers section on DesignMyNight, in offer searches on DesignMyNight and we select two top offers each week to go into our main newsletter. You can find out more on adding offers here and make sure you get in touch with your Account Manager if you add a big offer.


It’s worth pointing out that you can view what your page will look like to customers. We encourage our partners to have a look to familiarise where the information shows up and so that you can check the quality of your page eg how your images look. To view your page, go to Venue Details and click View Page.


Once you have updated your page make sure you click 'SAVE CHANGES', your updates will them come through to our editorial team to approve. Please contact your Collins Account Manager if this is the first time you have updated your page and it isn't already public.


It's worth pointing out that we have guidelines for editorial content on DesignMyNight.com. Our content team knows what works best on the site to get you the most traffic and will reflect best on your venue. Our editorial team must approve the changes before the page can be made public.

Common reasons for rejections can include:

> Your copy is in the first person. Please use third person narration only.

> Your venue description has been copied and pasted directly from your/another website. We only allow unique copy.

> You've attempted to add a logo as your main image. Please only upload high-quality pictures of the interiors, food and drink.

> We don't allow flyers to be uploaded to venue pages. Please consider using the offers section to upload our deal or upload your event to Tonic.

> Low-quality pictures.

> External links.

> The tags you have used aren't a true reflection of your venue.

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