Collins Pre-Orders - How to Send a Pre-order Menu

To send a pre-order menu to a customer, navigate to the enquiry/booking and choose the Pre-Orders section:  

> Once in the Pre-Orders section, scroll down to ‘Customer Pre-Orders’ and from the drop-down list select the menus you wish to send out.


> Once the menu has been selected, you will have several options to choose from such as:

  • choosing whether payment is required (full amount, fixed amount or a % of the total)
  • selecting who pays (lead booker or group members)
  • choosing to hide price from the group

 > By Clicking on the Cog button on the far right of the selected menu, you can also add some advanced options, for example:

  • To order in multiples i.e. really handy when sending out canape menus and the options chosen apply for the whole group

  • To order one menu per person i.e. really handy when sending out Set Menus as ensures that a name is given to each set menu ordered placed

  • To add a discount    

> Before sending a menu out, you can add a service charge, a close pre-orders date and you can restrict total orders

When happy with all the menu details, click the purple SAVE button and then ‘Send Pre-Orders Email’ button which will automatically take you through to Messages section with the digital menu attached.


> After taking you through to the Messages section, you will be able to add a personal message which will be sent with your menu. You could add this as a message template to save repeatedly writing this out every time a menu is sent out. For example:

“Please find attached our food menu along with a separate link to send out to the rest of the members in your group. Once you have received all the orders please mark the order as complete. Please fill out 2 weeks before the date of your booking.”

> Once happy with the message, click SEND.


To see a video tutorial on How to Send a Pre-order Menu, please click here.

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