Collins Pre Orders - How to Send a Menu

How to Send a Pre-Order Menu

To send a pre-order menu to a customer, navigate to the enquiry/booking and choose the Pre-Orders section.

Once in the Pre-Orders section, scroll down to ‘Customer Pre-Orders’ and select from the drop down list of any menus you have added in the system.

Once the menu has been selected, you will have several options to choose from such as choosing whether payment is required, asking the customer to order in multiples of (useful for canape menus) selecting a service charge, closing pre-orders on a specific date. When happy with all the menu details, click on the ‘Send Pre-Orders Email’ button which will automatically take you through to Messages section with the digital menu attached.

After taking you through to the Messages section, you will be able to add a personal message which will be sent with your menu. You could add this as a message template to save repeatedly writing this out every time a menu is sent out. For example:

“Please find attached our food menu along with a separate link to send out to the rest of the members in your group. Once you have received all the orders please mark the order as complete. Please fill out 2 weeks before the date of your booking.”

Once happy with the message, click on ‘Save’ and ‘Send’

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