Collins Pre-Orders - How to Setup Guide

How to Setup Collins Pre-Orders

Collins Pre-Orders is a bolt-on which can be activated by your Account Manager. This feature allows you to send out online menus to your customers, from which they can:

a) Choose which items they like to order online

b) Order on behalf of other people, ie. for a spouse or friend

c) Send to the rest of their group so they too can order

d) If required, pay for their items at the point of pre-ordering

Step 1 - Adding Items

To start building menus you will first need to add all items that will appear in those menus. To do this go to:

> Settings

> Venues

> Select Venue

> Pre-orders

You will then see the option to add items from the Venue Group or from an individual venue. If part of a group and have items that have previously been added, you can select ‘Use items from venue group’. If an individual venue, choose ‘use custom items’ and then select “Add Another”

You will now be able to add each item individually. It is worth adding every single item you may offer so that when building different menus, you can draw directly from this bank of items.


You should add the ‘Name’ of the item, the ‘Type’, the ‘Subtype’ (if a food option), the ‘Price’ and finally the ‘Description’. Please note, the ‘Name’ of the item should be kept brief such as ‘Christmas Pudding’ as this represents the title of your item. To say more about the item, add this in the ‘Description’ such as “Georgie Porgie’s Devonshire Christmas pudding, brandy butter served with double cream”. More information on adding/editing items can be found here.

Under the description is an option to Show advanced. This is how you'll add diet suitability and include allergies (see guide) in the item within your settings. For information on what the customer will see, see this guide.

After any changes that are made - Click Save


To move items around in the list or to a different section of the menu, simply select the ‘drag’ symbol on the right-hand side of the item and drag and drop to the desired location. Remember to click ‘save’ after moving the item’s location.


You can also filter all pre-order items by Name, Type and Subtype to locate it quickly:


You will be shown 30 items per page at a time,so to go to the next page, use the pagination at the end of the pre-order items list:


Step 2 - Adding Menu Rules

After all items have been added, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see ‘Pre-Order Menus’. If part of a group that has already set up menus, you could select ‘use menus from venue group’ however if from an individual venue and wanting to setup menus, select ‘use custom menus’ and select “Add Another Menu”

Once this has been selected, a Menu template will appear. You should add a ‘Menu Name’ (eg. Christmas Menu) and ‘Menu Description’. The menu description will appear at the top of the menu when the customer goes to order and should include any information you’d like them to know.

If wanting to make the menu a fixed price one, you should tick the ‘Fixed Price’ box under the menu description. You can then add in the rules underneath (e.g 2 items for £35 and 3 for £40). These will then automatically display at the top of the menu (so no need to write this again in the ‘Menu Description’).

For your Fixed Priced Menus, you can also limit the number of subtypes a customer can order to one. This means a customer would not be able to order 2 x Mains instead of 1 x Starter and 1 x Main for example. If they try to order more than one starter, a new order will appear on the right side of their order page.

Step 3 - Adding Items to Menu

After adding your Menu details and rules you can begin adding the actual items. Firstly, create the sub sections of your menu. To do this click on the ‘Add Section’ button and type in the name (most typically, you will add three sections and these will be Starter, Main and Dessert).

Once you have added the subsections, you can start adding items. To do this, click on the ‘Add an item’ button and a dropdown list of your pre-order items added earlier will now appear in the list. Please note - When adding your items to your Menu, the drop-down list only shows the first 10 items. If you start free typing the name of the item, the drop-down list will then show the name of the item you are looking for (if previously added to the item bank).

After all the desired items have been added they will all automatically appear at the bottom of the list (in this case the Dessert section.) You can then use the cursors on the righthand side to move each item into the correct subsection. If needing to replace items, simply use the red cross buttons to take out of the menu (this will delete the item from the menu only and not the item bank).


If the menu is a 'Fixed Price' one then you will have the option to add surcharges on particular items. Just select ‘Add surcharge’ and if a customer selects this item the extra cost will then be added to the total amount. The customer will be able to see there is a surcharge on particular items when choosing and it will also display in any pre-order summaries sent to the customer.

Once a menu has been created and saved, you will have the option to duplicate the menu to save time. Underneath your created menus, click DUPLICATE MENU and choose which menu you would like to copy. This will then create an exact copy of an already existing menu, with the title 'COPY OF (menu name)':


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