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The below link will take you through to the Collins Webinar Registration Page, where you will be able to register for different training webinars and see what is coming up on our calendar. You will be asked to enter your email address when registering, and if you need a recording to show your team members, this will also be sent to your after the webinar.

  • All webinars will start at 10:30am on Monday mornings.
  • The Webinar software is not directly linked to Collins so you can register with any email address you want - it does not have to be the email address you use to log into Collins and can watch the Webinar on any computer, it doesn't have to be the computer you use for Collins.
  • PLEASE NOTE - Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox and Opera will experience a 15 seconds delay of the live webinar due to browsers limitations. Ideally it's best to avoid these browsers otherwise you will be out of sync with the live teacher.

If you have issues with loading the webinar:

  • If possible, use a modern browser, otherwise, you will fall back to compatibility mode (see below)
  • Have a minimum bandwidth of 300kb/s in download.
  • Have a proper screen size to have a legible video (above 1280 pixels wide)
  • If possible, do not watch a webinar if your network is protected by a restrictive firewall, otherwise,  you will  fall back  to compatibility mode (see below). Use this platform to test your network. If "MESH Turn Server" is in red then you are in a secure network behind a firewall.

Did you check everything above? If it's still not working follow those steps to fix any video/audio issue:

  • Try refreshing your browser
  • Click on the "Problem with the audio or video" link at the top of the chat to switch to compatibility mode
Check out the replay videos of our past Webinars here!  

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