Collins LiveWait - FAQs

Why are some speech bubbles in different colours?  

Speech bubbles can be three different colours

  • Grey - This is because a phone number hasn't been taken when adding someone to the waitlist

  • Black - This is if a customer has been added to the waitlist and the number has been taken

  • Blue - This is the notification to let you know there is a new inbound SMS from this customer


What are "Time Tags" and what do they mean?

When you add a customer to the waitlist then there is a blue time tag under their name. This is their estimated wait time. This will live-update.


When a table is ready, the blue time tag turns into a "table ready time tag" and is green. This is visually letting you know that their table is now available. If the table has been ready for more than 10 minutes, the ready time tag will turn red, so you can then make the decision to reject/no show this waitlist customer.


What is the table number next to the customer's name on the waitlist?

This is the suggested table for this booking, based on the size of their party and what table will be free next.

Why is the check-in tick faded?

It is faded on the waitlist when no tables are free yet to check that customer in. Once the table they are due on, is free, it will become bold and activated.

What order is Collins LiveWait in?

The order of the waitlist is the order they were added, with the longest waiter at the top of it and the latest person to be added at the bottom of the list. However, Collins LiveWait is also trying to maximise space at the same time so the person at the top of the waitlist may not always be seated first depending on the size of the party.

How does Collins LiveWait know that a booking/walk-in has left my venue?

This is through two indicators; the first one being that the customer has been marked as left in your check-in list. The other will be when their booking duration has passed. So, to manage your waitlist efficiently, all booking durations must be up to date. For example, if a seated booking decides to stay a bit longer and order a bottle of wine after desert, the until time in their booking must be updated in Collins.

What is the pencil icon next to the guest's name?

This is a run sheet note. If you want to add a note for reference - you can do this once you add the person to a waitlist. Simply click anywhere on their name in the waitlist and it will open up a booking details screen. In the 'Notes' section you can add points of reference for your waitlisters, like below

Then, when you're managing your waitlist or ready to check them in, the ones that have a little pencil icon will have a run sheet note against them.

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