Collins LiveWait - How do I add someone to the wait list?

Adding someone to the waitlist is very easy; simply click on the walk-in icons across the top of the page. When you click on one of these (this will be the number of guests that have just arrived), the 'Find Areas' tool will come into play. This is Collins actively searching for tables and areas that are available for this amount of people. If it can't find any tables, you can then add them to the waitlist and estimated wait time will appear for you to let the customer know.

If the walk-in group is bigger than 5, you can also add someone to the waitlist using the 'Add Booking' button which is visible in the Diary, Floorplan and online Run Sheet.

The 'Add To Waitlist' button will appear just above the Find Areas section when going to add in a walk-in. This will have the number of estimated minutes the customer is due to wait for a table and will also be colour coded depending on their wait.

It will be orange if their wait is estimated at under an hour:


And it will be red if it's over an hour:


A nice visual aid for your host to see how long a wait will be. If you have no tables available for the next three hours, or by the time this particular walk in would get a table, your venue will be closed, a 'Cannot Be Seated' message will appear. It is then up to you if you still want to add them to the list or not.

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