Within a Booking Enquiry - Formatting Pre-orders on your Function Sheet

When you have a booking with Pre-orders added, there are various ways that you can then display the order on the Function Sheet.

In the top right-hand corner > click PRINT > choose the 3rd option 'Display pre-orders'. You will then have the following options available:

1) Separate by type - to list orders in order by FOOD, DRINK or OTHER

2) Separate by subtype - this will apply to Food Items as set up in the Pre-order settings, for example by Starter, Mains, Dessert etc

3) Separate by fixed-price menu items - if a menu has been set up as Fixed Price menu in the settings, this will list items per subtype

4) Separate by time - will display any timestamps added to individual orders

5) Display 'for' names - will include names of customer's that have been assigned to individual orders

Please, note if you wish to include all this information or various aspects of it at the same time, you can - you can customise your Function sheet as needed.


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