Reports - Source Breakdown Report

Sources are different avenues that your enquiries and bookings can come from.

By default, you will see 'Own Website' and 'DesignMyNight' in the Source drop-down box of an Enquiry/Booking, but you can add personalised Sources into your Collins admin to track where your Enquiries/Bookings are coming from and which are the most popular. Here is how you set up different Sources (do note only users with Venue Group access on their account can add sources).

Defaulting to the previous month (which can be changed to pull up to a year's worth of data), this report shows you how many Guests, Bookings and Pre-Booked Value have been Confirmed, In Progress, Rejected and Lost (see guide) for each Source. There is also a Total column on the far right of the page to show a conversion %.     

If you have multiple venues in your venue group, you'll see their total at the top of the page, and as you scroll down you'll see each individual venues source total.

Please note - the Top Totals section showing results across all venues will include bookings/enquries without a source as well. The individual venue breakdowns will not include bookings/enquiries without a source.

This is ideal to keep track of which 3rd parties are sending you the most bookings if you're taking a lot of bookings over the phone or checking to see how many bookings are being made on your own website on a weekly basis.  

Please Note: This report updates itself every hour, not instantly. The value column in this report doesn't show any pence. The decimal places have been trimmed to make the report easier to read. However, once you download the report into excel, you can see the value to the pence.

If needed, the report can be downloaded in Excel or printed in a PDF format in the top right corner.

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