Booking Types - Allowing customers to pre-order from a menu at the point of booking/making an enquiry

If you have our extra bolt-on Collins Pre-orders set-up, you can add Pre-order menus to a booking type to allow customers to pre-order food and drinks at the point of making a booking or enquiry.

To do this, go to:

  • Settings

  • Venues > click on the venue name

  • Booking Types > select the relevant booking type

  • Scroll down to Pre Order Settings

  • You need to activate whether the pre-order is available while the customer is booking, or after they've received the confirmation email. More information on this here.  

  • You will also be able to determine whether a payment is required if you're making this available while booking. Please note, no payment will be requested if it's only going to be enquiries coming through. You can also include a service charge


Next, make sure to:

  • Scroll down to 'Pre-order Menus'

  • Click 'Add Menu Rules'

  • From the drop-down > select the menu you wish to add and then fill in any rules you wish to apply to this menu

  • You can add multiple menus for customers to select from if you wish

Remember to SAVE the Settings page

PLEASE NOTE: The minimum order is setting a minimum monetary value the customer has to reach when choosing from your menu. If they are only making an enquiry, we would recommend having this set to 0


To see a video tutorial on allowing customers to pre-order from a menu at the point of booking/making an enquiry, please click here.   

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