Close Areas - How to stop an area from being automatically booked

If you want to close off tables or Zones, so they aren't automatically booked on a particular date or weekday, you can set this up in your Settings. To find this, go to 



>Click on the Venue's name 

>On the left side, scroll down to 'Close Areas' 

>First, select if you want to close by Table/Area or by Zone

>Then select when you want to close these areas, either for a particular Date or if you wish to close the area(s) on a recurring weekday

>Finally, select the time range you want to close the areas. If you extend this past midnight, Collins will still treat this as the same day and close/shade the areas in the diary in the same way. 

> Remember to click SAVE 

Once you do this, you'll see that the tables in the Diary/Floorplan view are shaded off, to indicate that these have been closed. 

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