Close Areas - How to stop an area from being automatically booked

If you want to close off tables or Zones, so they aren't automatically booked on a particular date or weekday, you can set this up in your Settings. To find this, go to 



>Click on the Venue name

>On the left side, scroll down to 'Close Areas'

>Select Add Another


>First, select if you want to close by Table/Area or by Zone

>Then select when you want to close these areas, either for a particular date or if you wish to close the area(s) on a recurring weekday

>Choose if you want to close the area(s) ‘all day’ or for a period of time

>Finally enter an internal message to give the team more information about why the area(s) are closed. This will appear when the Collins user clicks into the closed area(s) or tries to add a booking there.


> Remember to click SAVE and SAVE again.

Once you do this, you'll see that the area(s) in the Diary/Floorplan view are shaded off to indicate that these have been closed. When you click into the shaded out area(s), the message will appear in the table activity on the left side.


If a Collins user tries to add a booking into the closed area(s), the warning message will also appear in the Assign to Area section of the ‘Add Booking’ panel.   


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