Enquiries Page - Downloading Large Enquiry Data Downloads

When using the filter options to download reports, please be aware that if the number of enquiries exceeds 1,000 - after clicking the DOWNLOAD button > in the pop-up window choose the EMAIL option. Please note that depending on the size of the download, the time it takes to generate this report will vary, however it shouldn't take more than a few minutes.



If downloading large reports (for venue groups) running to the multiple thousands, we strongly suggest breaking this report down into more manageable figures by:

a) Venue or

b) Shortening the date range so as to reduce the number of bookings in the report.

If downloading very large reports, there can be a substantial delay in this being sent or in some cases, it may even exceed the Google data limit and be blocked from being sent at all.  If you are waiting on a report that was due to be sent to you and it hasn't come through - please email collins-support@designmynight.com.

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