Reports - Walk-in Report

If you would like to see how to quickly add a walk-in - watch this short video.

Defaulting to the week before, the Walk-In report gives you a seven-day overview of how many walk-ins were directly added into tables, how many were added to the waitlist and how many were seated from the waitlist. This date range can be adjusted by changing the dates at the top and updating.  

This will be broken down by the venue's booking types on the left-hand side and how many guests and bookings that amounts to across the page. 'None' will be walk-ins that weren't tagged with a booking type.


Below the weekly view, each individual day will also display, giving you more details on which days of the week were busiest for walk-ins and for which booking type.  


If needed, you can also download the data into Excel, by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button in the top right-hand corner:


Note, bookings only qualify as walk-ins and will only appear in this report when the booking started within 15 minutes of the time it was added, regardless of whether they were added with the below ‘Add Booking’ button or the ‘Walk-In’ (Number of Guests) buttons.  


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